Thursday, July 5, 2007

We want to go home (Taiwan) *drooling*

Beef Noodle Soup was all I could think about after Celia and I saw it on the TV while we were in Lisbon. (We were like *drooling* so bad and wished to be home [Taiwan] while Josh was laughing at our expression.) Here is a picture of Ally version of beef noodle soup. Later I heard Josh's coworker told me that he was talking about how good the soup was and he couldn't wait to get home and have some more!


Jim said...

Hi, Ally,

if you ever stop by LA, let me know, I'll take you to a good "beef noodle soup" shop =). BTW, this is Jim Kang from Boise State =)

Anonymous said...

hi hi~~~



Anonymous said...

Greetings, Ally! Dawn shared your web site and I've enjoyed catching up on all your adventures. Glad to read you're having a marvelous time. Things are well in Boise and we miss your smiling face. Second quarter closing just isn't the same without you... All my best, Meredith (in Legal).