Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photo time

Back from Taiwan! It was a great time, but super hot.

On the left are some pictures from a very interesting day.

We spent the day touring Taiwan...from mountains to hair-style to the next....dress after dress. Yes we participated in the Chinese wedding photo circus.

A whole street in Taipei dedicated to shops selling the whole package... dresses, make-up, tux, photographer...
...the end result. Two photo books, a 24" blow up picture, but best of all we get one super sized portrait....
The goal of the photographer was to get us to do as many ridiculous, funny, name as possible so we would spend extra money...well we bought 33/ not bad for the whole circus day at about $600!

Along the way you get to see a parade of couples doing the 'circuit'. It was very funny! I think our photographer was pretty frustrated that I didnt speak Chinese. He had to hand signal my position :-)

Well, it was a LONG day, but pretty fun....and Ally looked pretty hot in all those outfits.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3 Fs

What do Josh and Ally do in Taipei? The answer is "3 Fs - Family, Friend, and Food" We meet with family or friends for lunch, afternoon tea,snack, dinner, or after dinner snack. In the picture, Tony is my main contact with the college friends. He always contacted everyone and made reservation for the restaurant. This time, he was also a tour guide and photographer for Josh and I. We biked around Tam-Sui river and visited Guan-Tu Temple. As you can see the bike on the bottom left of the picture...Can you believe that I even got (rented) a pink bike... cool!

The tranditional antique Guan-Tu Temple... Don't you want to take a closer look yourself... It's really magnificent.

Ally's dad and mom at Taiwan Beer Brewery in Yi Lan. We took a day trip to the east coast of Taiwan and drove by the brewery. We couldn't actually see the beer making process but visited the souvenir store...and brewery memorial hall. It was interesting to know about Taiwan Beer's history.