Monday, August 27, 2007

Little sister

Well you would never guess from the way Celia eats that she only weights about 42KG! Here is her initiation to German cuisine at Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. We are not sure where the anger in this shot comes from, but that sausage is in BIG trouble!

Maybe she should buy a smaller one?

Actually, the bear is approximately the size of her luggage!

Here we all are! Just back from hiking. The scenery was great!
The Black Forest is lightly populated and has miles of trails that are very well marked.

By Josh

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold...changed in seconds

Crisp air, brisk wind (felt warm to hot in an instant...then cold to freeze in the next few seconds), pricey (about 3X the continent)... that's Oslo Norway... but not all...there are ocean views, tons of art statues, and friendly English speaking Norwegian. Oslo is a surprising artistic city but doesn't have much of old town flavor like other cities we visited. A couple places that we loved the most this trip were the home museum of Edvard Munch (famous paintings such as Scream and Sick Child) and the Vigelandsparken (Vigeland Park).
The park displays sculpture works by Gustav Vigeland whose form extra-
ordinary tableaux of fighting, play, and love. It's quite the opposite of Munch's paintings which were about sickness, jealousy, and death. We took a lot of pictures in the Vigeland can click on 'our photo to share' link to view them. They were incredible.

We also visited Nobel Peace Prize Center, Akershus Slott (castel), Vegeland Museum, and Oslo city hall where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented.

Great Seafood too!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our Favorite City - Vienna continues...

They charged $$$ for visiting "Library"... we were like WHAT! LIBRARY? Then the ticket person offered us to take a peak from the library entry. As soon as we saw it, we were like...yeah we HAD to see this. Flash photography was not allowed so the picture is not very clear but you can get a feel of how beautiful it is. The showpiece of the Austrian National Library (1722-35) or Hall of Honor. The library turned out to be one of our favorite things in Vienna.

Stephansdom (Stephansplatz) - beautiful
and interesting church where contained an impressive collection of works of art and buried many important bishops. We took a tour down to catacombs to see where they kept the jars of organs, coffins of bodies, and some public grave yards with exposed bodies. We could actually see piles of bones (not kidding.) Pretty creepy~

Schönburnn Palace and Gardens
We love the garden and zoo (just me) more than inside of the palace. Panda and koala bear are so cute...

We had some more chocolate desserts at the end of our second day...AND the next morning to finish the wonderful, beautiful and "sweet" Vienna trip.

Have I said enough beautiful yet? We love Vienna.