Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cologne Carnival 2009

We put on our costumes, hopped on a train, and arrived in Cologne for Carnival! We started the party on the train from Stuttgart. Kathrin brought champagne and I made sure that we had food to go with -- artichoke dip and eggplant spread. Unfortunately, Kathrin's sister (dead bird in the picture) couldn't participate much until later in the day due to a hangover from the night before.

Cologne was full of cheerful people in all kinds of costumes. It was so much fun just watching what people wore. I was so proud of myself for finding a cow outfit for Josh and was surprised that he put it on. He looked so cute. Since we started out early, we also ended the day early. Not even passed midnight and we were back in the hotel. I can't image what the street was like after midnight... had to be super crazy.

Sunday was the student parade and then Rose Monday was the high-light of Carnival. A picture is worth a hundred words. I hope you can feel the atmosphere from the pictures. People were yelling 'Camele' for candies... and candies were flying around like big ice cubes. I got hit so many times. My catching skills weren't very good, unlike Josh's... he got so many candies and flowers. He was a charming cow!