Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Meet the Youngest of the Wang Family - Lisbon Portugal Part III

Celia (Hsin Yi), smaller version of Ally per Josh (precisely33 pounds less), was expected to meet us at the hotel lobby latest 8:30 p.m. We saw no Asian arrived since I got there. We got worried and went checking her flight schedule. Delay! What a surprised. Finally, she arrived almost 10 pm. After greetings and dropping of her baggage, we headed to a highly recommended seafood restaurant. Our expectation of the restaurant was low if you have seen the fish picture in Part II, you would understand.

OH NO!! It's 10:30 pm and the waiting line was long to outside of the restaurant on the sidewalk. I guessed we passed the tourist dinner time (6-9 p.m.) and were in line with the locals (10-1 a.m.) Thankfully, we didn't wait too long. The smell was so good, we were starving, and we had Portuguese menu. While Josh and Celia were trying to use their limited Spanish to understand the Portuguese menu, I was thinking...let's just order whatever other tables had. They all looked so good. So, we had clams, some oysters, 2 big crab (regular and spider which we couldn't tell which one was which), and unlimited buttered bread.

The dinner was so good and funny. Picture this - hammers up and down, crab juice spill, crab shell flying all around you and the tables next to you. It was quite a first impression dinner for both Josh and Celia. We had a good time making fun of ourselves and teased Celia about her great cooking skills (she never cooked before this trip.) The dinner turned out to be our BEST dinner in Lisbon (and Celia's best meal over a month.) Family and seafood...best combination!!! However, I probably would NOT recommend meeting 'the family' over 'crab' dinner.

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