Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beauty of Paris and Order of Germany - Vienna

The intimate hotel located in the center of Vienna was specially advertised as gay friendly on the website. We choose it because of its location and price. We laughed even more when we saw the "Male ONLY Sauna" sign right in front of check-in counter. I was joking about been discriminated as a female afterwards.

Chocolate croissant, tiramisu, and a coffee... guess which meal of the day I was having .... Breakfast! I was not the only person who had desserts for breakfast. Everyone in the coffee shop was. How lovely to start your day with chocolate and cakes! I love it!!

Vienna has the beauty of Paris and the order of Germany, Josh said. Everywhere we looked, we could not help saying "it's so beautiful." As we turned around and looked behind us, we would again said "oh...it's so beautiful...and that...oh...is so beautiful..." We must have said it at least a hundred times. What would be a better idea than spending an evening enjoying food, drinks, and operas at the Film Festival on the Rathausplatz. There were so many people and even when it rained people just put on their rain gear and continued watching the opera. We enjoyed the opera very much although we had no ideas what it was about...besides the obvious... a lot of twists in the plots.

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