Friday, July 20, 2007

Kitchen/Hometown Flavor

As some of you may wonder where and what I go/do during the day or when Josh is at work or laying on the ONLY couch working and watching CNN. Well.... here it is -- Kitchen.

I often spend more than 5 hours for preparing, cooking, and cleaning.) Our menu is interesting and has lots of varieties. Since I have tons of time, I often look up recipes online and experiment with some Taiwanese dishes I miss. Like this dish 蘿蔔絲餅 "Tunip Slice Cake"(I am not sure if the English translation is correct but that's how Google translated it.) It was a big success. We ate them all! My cooking has been adding a lot of difficulty to our plan of losing weight. Both of us can not resist the food and cooking is what I do and love these days. If you had asked me two years ago -- what do I see myself doing in two years.... I did not see cooking to be one of them.

Chef Ally