Friday, July 20, 2007


Another town another 'Schloss' -- The Baroque residence of the Dukes of Baden. We got there in the early morning and spent some time wondering around town and shopping (as you can see in the's not just for me...I know what you are thinking...) Later that afternoon, we went to Josh's friend's house for BBQ. Mathias and Dani have two daughters 3 and 5. They are very cute and love Josh very much. Josh was chasing them around the house and making them laughs. Sometimes, Josh didn't even do anything, they still giggle just by staring at him. It was funny to watch them.

Karlsruhe reminds me of Boise -- quite, peaceful, not a lot of people, house with a yard (Mathias and Dani have a nice house with a inclusive yard.)

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