Monday, November 5, 2007

Cagliari Italy

Although we didn't do much research about Cagliari or the island - Sardinia, the whole trip ended up surprising easy ...even with the public transportation. From the airport to the downtown was only a ten minute bus ride service every half an hour, and it only took us less than ten minutes by foot to find our bed and breakfast. Our host was great...not in a hurry to take money from us but letting us know where to eat and visit.

It took us visiting Italy three times (once in 2006, we visited Rome, Florance, and Venice) to adapt to Italian lifestyle. We ate no earlier than 9pm for dinner! Thanks to our flight schedule it was easy for us to adjust... After we checked in at the B&B we went out for dinner... it was already 10pm. In the next two days, we took short naps or breaks between our explorations and dinners. So...we could finally blend into Italian's (or Southern European's) life style - afternoon nap and late dinner. Nothing could go wrong with Italian food so we picked things randomly from menus (no English menus). We were so happy that the dishes we ordered turned out to be mussels, baby octopus soup, seafood spaghetti, Sardinia caviar spaghetti, various fish, and some we could not recall anymore. I also happened to find a traditional Sardinia sweet that it's made of nuts, raisins, flower, sugar, and whatever to make it taste so good. It smelled so good that we had to get it. We had it with a bottle of wine and a shot of local drink from our host before the nap... It was perfect for a afternoon snack!!

We took a bus to Pula to see Nora (a super old ruin), probably the oldest built in Sardinia. The archaeological area is very well kept and shows the evidence left following the Punic and Roman dominations. Nora used to be considered one of the main landing places in the Mediterranean area, thanks to its strategic position. Today, part of the ruins have still not been uncovered, but visitors can still admire the beauty and the prosperity that Nora enjoyed in past times.

This was one of our favorite trips - wonderful B&B location and host, beautiful city, tasty food, relaxing schedule, and the interesting ruin.

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