Monday, November 19, 2007


My cooking skills are finally progressing to "baking"! Baking is hard...a lot of mixing, rolling, and fillings. Great accomplishment thought. Here I my BSU sweatshirt and apron. I spent a whole day making pizza and cookies. Josh could not wait to put them into his stomach...he was really funny. Here is a picture of the finished product! No picture for the was in his stomach already...


Holley Pack said...

The cookies look BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS! Are you going to make a Thanksgiving dinner? Your blog is making me hungry this morning.

Unknown said...

Hi Ally,
I changed the German language course to VHS in Bad Cannstatt, on last friday I tried back VHS in Roteb├╝hlplatzto to look for you, but your classroom was empty...
Could you call me 0176-25885288? I want to meet you.
By the way, hope we can meet in next course 5977 (A1.2) in Bad Cannstatt. The teachers are better qualified and the classmates are very open-minded.
Wait for hearing of you soon
Joanna yours

Anonymous said...

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