Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 2 - Mont Saint Michel, Granville, and Genet (Normandy)

I was woken up by the roosters that we met yesterday. Looked out the window, and there he was... Kacodoododoing. It was perfect timing, just enough time for us to get ready for the breakfast.

I had to say that Josh had set our bar high by finding and booking this incredible chateau for our first night. Our bedroom was big and very beautiful and bathroom was big and modern. Sophie's room was adjacent to us with a secret door. Although it's not the pink Sophie wished for, it's still amazing and royal looking.

Coming downstairs to the dinning room we saw this breakfast spread
; pretty and delicious looking... totally appetizing. We met another host who then explained everything that was presented on the table: honey from their own bee hives, apple jam and apple cake from their own apple orchard, special scrabble egg that Sophie gobbled down in record speed, local cheese Camembert, and fruit salad. Everything tasted wonderful and the service was impeccable. It made us want to move back to Europe. Even Sophie likes to live in France after less than 24 hour of experience so far.

I wish I took more pictures of our room (it's called suite du Vicomte. Previous owner's room). All the space we had together is bigger than our place back in San Diego.

Picture by Sophie! Love this one.

Ever since I saw a video clip of Mont Saint Michel last last year, I had been wanting to come... and here we were... very exciting. We could see this magnificent historic monument all the way from Chateau Chantroe. As the shuttle slowly approached it, I realized why Sophie felt it's like Disney because it was so surreal.

We enjoyed walking around the grounds and seeing every room. Sophie was happy counting every stair as we climbed up.

Afterwards, we drove to Granville. Not sure what to expect; we drove up to the light house and saw the beautiful coast line and the harbor. Then, a little window shopping and the irresistible dessert as I promised Sophie before we came.

Our second and third night home is in a very small beach village called Genet. I found it on airbnb. It turned out to be right next to the Office de Turirums of Genet. Just 3km before we reached our bnb, Josh told me that the gas light has been on and not sure how long... Oh crap... so after we put our bags away and had a quick look around the place, we quickly ran out for gas. We drove 15 minutes to the closest gas station (we could find that Google told us) to find out that they were out of gas. Oh could this happened. Luckily, one of the people was able to tell Josh where the closest one was located in broken English. Our night was saved eventually after I had aged for a year. We ended the day with a simple dinner in a restaurant by the church in the downtown of Avranches.