Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day 4 - Fougeres and Vitre (Brittany)

We left the BnB in Genet at about 10am and headed to Fougeres. It was only a 30 minute drive to the city center. We parked and walked all the way from the city center to the Chateau Fougeres. We pasted this church, a beautiful garden which has the terrific over view the Chateau Fougeres. By the time we reached the chateau, it was pass 11am and the Chateau was closed for the lunch time. Although we didn't get inside, we did have a good view from the garden.

Lunch at a restaurant by the Chateau. Not sure what today's special was.... until it was presented in front on us. We were shocked by how delicious buckwheat can be... very thin that contained sunny side egg, tuna, tomatoes, and cheese. Crapes filled with chocolate, banana, cocona for dessert made Sophie loves this trip even more. This is truly the authentic crusin in Britney region.

Another short drive to Vitre. Visited the Chateau Vitre and walked all over the town till our dinner time.

People were so nice everywhere we visited. By the fourth day, I finally figured out the country French schedule. Stores or touristy site like Chateau opens at 9 or 9: 30 then usually has lunch break from noon or 11am till 2 or 2:30. Restaurants open at 7 for dinner at the earliest. As we were touring the Chateau Vitre, we met a guy from Finland. He was so happy to met other foreigners. According to him, This part of France don't as many foreigners only French tourists. I guess most tourists only make it to St. Michel then back to the famous touristy spots....not so much of the country. For us we loved seeing the country and feeling how people are like and live out side of the big cities.

 A short break in front the church in Vitre with beers.

Another amazing dinner. Cauliflower soup, rabbit with pasta, duck with vegetable, and roasted pigeon then dessert.

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