Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 6 - Mini Chateau and Tours (Loire)

We can't see all the castles in the time we had but we could go to visit mini chateaus... ah no, it was actually recommended by the host at the Chateau des Arpentis. He suggested that Sophie would enjoy it and it is designed for Children.  Well, he was only half right. Josh loved it too. Sophie loved it right away because it had costumes for kids and adults to wear during the visit for FREE.

Josh was still thinking how to build one and which one he should do it.

Sophie found and read one of the brochure that listed 73 castles in the Loire valley. She said: "mama, did you know there are 73, 73 castles here? That's so many."

And, we got to see 44 of them in one place... not bad for a few hours here and Sophie got to do some kid rides.
Sophie loved riding this tricycle so much. We were glad that they weren't kids waiting because we waited 30 minutes until she had enough of it. So glad it's not travel peak season yet.
Spend a few hours in the city of Tours. We did a little shopping and had a beer before we shopped more.
Hotel de Ville (city hall in English) - (Josh insisted that it's a chan hotel named de Ville)... every city has one. I told him my guess is city hall but he didn't believe me. I finally pull out my phone and google translated for him. Joke of the day!

Dinner again. Sophie just loved all the food here including escargot. She was dipping bread into the garlic butter sauce until there wasn't a drop left. This was the only meal that we had that finished in one hour. All the others took around 2 or more...

Back in Amboise for dinner. This time we made sure we had reservation for the restaurant we wanted to go last night. It was the ticket lady at the mini Chateau who call and made the reservation for us.