Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 3 - Dinan (Brittany)

Dinan was one of the cities that was highly recommended by our Chateau Chantore host. My plan was to visit Dinan first, St. Malo in the afternoon and then have dinner at Cancale, but we ended up spending the whole day. Dinan was surprising cute and interesting... lot of half timber house, old fortress walls, cute kid clothing and accessory shops, art shops, and a river front.

Lunch at a cute tea restaurant... only serves tea and baked goods.

This is just a public park for people to hang out and kids to play... it was filled with flowers, trees, chickens, gooses, playground structure, and a mini golf course. Unbelievable!! It was definitely a good balance for us... seeing old thing for Josh and I and then a little play time for Sophie.

The store window was decorated with lots ceramic made products ... super cute that we waited 15 minutes for the shop to reopen for the afternoon hour. We picked one to remember this special town.

River cruise... the most interesting part had to be the mini panama cannel. For some (we can't understand French) reason, the river was block and the water levels were different. It was a beautiful river cruise (one hour)... got to see the city from different angle.

Picked up something to entertain Sophie so she didn't fall asleep in the car ride :). Love this scratch coloring thing (scratch the paper to revile the color and picture)... very easy, simple, and beautiful but it made her clothes black.

We picked up some food from the supermarket and brought back to our BnB. Simple and satisfying at the same time.