Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oktoberfest (Volkfest) in Stuttgart

It was like a big fair with "six flags" size of rides, many games for stuff animals, and traditional German junk food. Beer tents were as big as a football field with a live band on the stage in each tent. We got there early Saturday afternoon...not many people...empty tables were everywhere. We met up with Josh's work friends in the mid-afternoon. By evening, there were more friends showed up and the beer tent was entirely packed. Live music never stopped and cheers songs was sang in every other song. Whenever the song ("cheers" - Prost in German) was sang, people lifted up their beers and drank. The atmosphere was high and super happy. We cheered with friends and strangers whoever happened to be at the next table. Everyone was standing on the bench... SUPER FUN!! We took a lot of pictures of us and friends...most of them were blurry and goofy... who wouldn't be after our brains and bodies' been soaked and marinated with beer for so many hours. It was super funny the next day when we looked at the pictures. Very good experience and somehow blurred memory.

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Anonymous said...

Now Ally - that is my kind of party - LARGE steins of beer. Way to go. All is well in Idaho. Least the fires are out.
Joe from Idaho