Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meeting the many

My 97 year old grand mom who was shy of camera. We tired so hard to get her in the picture and here she was...waving to say 'no'. After meeting grand mom, Josh wondered... will I ever shrink that much like grand mom when I get old. He is concerned that he will have to bend so much just to hug me.

Photo time after catching up...most of them ran and went hiding. They refused to be famous on our blog. We only got two uncles, my mom's older brothers.

We went to see some old things in Tainan city. Mom's older sister and her husband joined us in 安平古堡(Anping Castle) which was called Orange and Zeelandia. Information for Anping Castle:

Relatives in Taipei... all the uncles, aunts, and some cousins. It's been a very long time since I last saw all of us together. It was great to see everyone.


Holley Pack said...

Wow Ally,
It is so cool to see pictures of your family! Your grandma is so cute. I can't wait to watch the videos of Josh with the magician.
Hope to see you next month in Boise

Anonymous said...

Ally and Josh,

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Ally it is nice to see your family.

Josh was funny in the videos...very cute.

Love & Many hugs,