Friday, April 18, 2008

Madrid and Toledo

We had such a lay back day in Madrid. We (actually just me) took a long time to get ready in the morning when Josh went out and came back with a coffee. We walked around a little bit, snapped some pictures, had lunch at the Plaza Mayor, visited the Palacio Real, had beers at some smoky tapas bars, and then quickly browsed through the arts in Museo del Prado.

It was before noon when we sat down in one of the outdoor restaurants in Plaza Mayor. Slowly, we saw young people gathering in the Plaza Mayor meeting with friends, families taking a stroll, street performers starting their acts, and people like us eating and people watching. It was a very interesting square for people watching.

We loved the palace (Palacio Real) interior decoration. Each room was so magnificent and dramatically differed from the next. Too bad that we couldn't take pictures inside. Although it is not as big as Chateaux de Varsailles, it is more beau so much because of the detailedtiful than Varsailles in some ways. We were like 'wow... wu... oh my god' very impressed. This picture was taken from out side.

Later we went to Museo del Prado around 4pm and found out it's free after 6pm. It was an easy decision - save the ticket money for beers...especially the arts would appear even more incredible and enjoyable after a few beers. And we wouldn't feel bad if we couldn't understand the art or see them all since it's free.

Every corner in Toledo was built before the 18 century when the capital moved to Madrid. The whole city sits on top of a hill like an old castle. It was very beautiful to walk around. We saw many old things as usual and a lot of El Greco paintings in the Catedral and Iglesia de Santo Tome.

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