Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday with Family in Florida

Family - what makes us smile!
Time in Florida was short and flew by fast. We ate... talked..., and ate... talked, and more food... more conversation to catch up with everybody's life. The food and conversation were excellent! It was fun.

Our 20 minutes on the Florida beach. Blue sky and white super soft sandy beach. Lovely.

Games on... we played Trivial Pursuit from the 80s (before my time in this country)... tough game by the way. All the cousins got together...second time in one year... a record. Last time was at Aaron and Becca's wedding. Aaron and Becca continued our tradition of meeting for New Years!!!! (Well almost...we had new year's on the plane :-( but the general timeframe is good enough)!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful time indeed! Much hugs and love, Leora

Alicebluegown said...

We all enjoyed your company tremendously. Time together went too quickly. We need to do this every year. Love to you both, Aunt Ali & Uncle Rami

Holley Pack said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I agree, trival persuit is a TOUGH game I can barely keep up with the junior version :)
I can't believe how much Josh and his brother look alike!
Take care