Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brussels Belgium

After 6 hour drive and settled in the hotel, guess what's the first thing I did in Brussels. A little hint -- Brussels is known for beer, chocolate, diamond, mussel, french fries, and waffle. Chocolate shopping! You would not believe how many chocolate stores there are in a such small old town. It's so hard to resist that I ran into NeuHaus, that our friend Julia told me about, and got half kilogram for Julia and half kilogram for us. Half kilogram of chocolate sounded a lot but in fact, it's only about a quarter A4 size box and it didn't last us long. Next time, I'll get one kilogram.

One must see tourist point - Manneken Pis. There were so many people surrounding the small statue that we could only have this picture taken in distance. That's the advantage of having a 20x zoom camera. Here is a female version of pis statue.

We tried everything that Brussels is famous for except... diamonds. Well... we are living in the recession but all food and beer were delicious . We even had Ethiopian food one the second night. All fingers... no forks and knives.

Brussels at night is even more breath taking. We waited until the lights came on and took some pictures before we called it a day.

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